Worrying about the World, the Future(how to stop)

Do you follow the news? Are you glued to the screen as you watch one disaster after another? Once we get attached it’s hard not to hook into the drama isn’t it? I mean, when you consider the Pandemic, new variants, a count of daily numbers of infection and death, vaccination numbers, weather events, potential wars and existing conflicts, poverty and famine, it is depressing, no doubt.

In fact, as a coach, I am continually approached by people in the depths of depression during these times.

It is never good news is it? In fact, I recall “pitching” a Good News Concept to a TV Production company years ago. Their response was, no one would watch it! I remember being shocked to hear this at the time. How could this be true? Then I found the answer, as I continued my personal growth and training. The fact is, we can’t help it. We can’t help but focus on the negative and develop an addiction to drama. We are literally built that way. In fact, it happens early in our development.

We find ourselves having in depth conversations about it all in social situations. We do this, because it is something we all have in common and it feels validating being able to air our opinions about the state of the world and our future. “Misery loves company”, as true now as ever. Here I will refer to my new book JOURNEY TO EASE & GRACE, a coach you can have access to 24/7. Below are a few excerpts.


Drama is insidious. That is why, upon first reflection, you may think it doesn’t apply to you. Social Media is rife with drama. Posts complaining about social issues, politics, health, other people. How others are doing it wrong. We find ourselves fixed on bad news. Then we have interpersonal drama. He said, she said. Arguments we enter, engage in. We feel we need to be right, to have the last word, we are wronged, misjudged, misunderstood. Gossip is truly evil. It can really damage people. Words CAN break us.

Life events, more drama! A car breaks down, we lose our keys, we get locked out, a random person attacks us, we injure ourselves, we are diagnosed with a serious illness, unexpected events keep happening and we wonder, why me? Why does this always happen to me? We examine other people’s lives; they seem so stable. We begin to think, it is our lot in life.

The upside or payoff is that drama gives us a feeling of justification, something to talk about, something others can relate to. It turns us into victims, misery loves company! Ever hear that saying? We like to feel we belong, we are part of something, even if it means staying stuck in our shadow. Even if it means staying stuck in destructive situations.

We like the feeling of being justified, even if it hurts us. If all we have ever known is drama, we expect nothing else. So, when bad things happen, we can be right. We can say, “I knew this would happen, typical!”

Addictions exhibit common hallmarks. An addiction will attack your body, mind, spirit alike. We chase after pleasure and avoid pain. We become increasingly dependent, crave it, we experience a compulsion to continue, despite the detrimental impact it has on life. As addiction continues, it seeps into every aspect of life. Relationships, health, wealth, emotional distress, even legal battles.

There are underlying issues to address here. Anxiety, fear, trauma, dysfunctional family, or relationship dynamics. These form subconscious drivers that run our lives. They are so deeply ingrained; we cannot imagine there is another way.

We believe life just happens to us. If you resonate with any of this, know that you are not alone and you can reprogram your mind in transformation.

It’s not your fault. I call it the Matrix we live in. We are conditioned to fear, rather than love. Family, religion, culture, society, our schools, we are raised to follow. Society shuns kids who are driven by their truth. It names them black sheep, outsiders, special kids, because they don’t “fit in”.

It becomes ingrained in our DNA. That means that when a positive solution is presented to us, we do not recognise it. We just don’t know it. When we see abundant, successful people, we cannot imagine that everything they have can be ours too. That we deserve all the abundance in the world. We think, they are lucky, life is easy for them…

We don’t recognise Solutions

Two personal examples come to mind here. When I worked on the UNMP Humanitarian project to focus on solutions and empowerment rather than charity, it was planned to be a globally simulcast TV show, that enticed the world to donate the price of a drink to end poverty. As I pitched it, we continually worked on making it commercially viable, so that TV Networks would buy it. It never happened.

Meanwhile, the UN wanted to see a contract to formally endorse it and production companies wanted to see the UN endorsement, it became a vicious cycle. It has ended up as a Facebook page called Sustainable Solutions for our New Era.

The second example I have for you is from the 2016 Federal Election, here in Sydney, Australia. I was roped into running as a candidate for a small independent party. I decided to do it, because they were taking politics online for the first time, publishing every bill to represent people’s majority. I thought, that is true democracy. As I campaigned, I found that people just did not recognise a solution when it was placed in front of them. I recall literally seeing their eyes glaze over! Could it be that simple?

Better the devil you know!

You may have had the experience of seeing a friend in pain, suffering from something, complaining about a situation. Have you ever offered a solution, only to find your friend doesn’t hear it and prefers to continue complaining, suffering? They simply don’t hear it; they just keep going.

We are addicted to Drama!

Drama, drama, drama! Thing is, it is all around us! Everywhere we turn, we are surrounded by our current results. We wish it was different, everything we try however, just brings us back to the same results. It is worrying, isn’t it? We do our best! In following chapters, you will be able to let it all go! We will go through all the layers and release them together, stay tuned!

Signs of Addiction to Drama

1. Always posting about the latest drama on social media

2. Overreacting to things, making mountains out of molehills

3. It’s someone else’s fault

4. Can’t let go or forgive

5. Relationships are always a problem

On this adventure, we do not judge, we are an honest witness, so if this is you, please do not stress.”

Want to read more? JOURNEY TO EASE & GRACE


  1. Remember that we cannot control people, places or things. This is a huge relief as we realise that all we can control are our own responses and actions. So, next time you worry about the state of the world or the future, ask yourself, what can I do about it?
  2. Worrying about the future is a Fantasy. When we worry about things that have yet to pass, we are in fact fearing a fantasy, it hasn’t happened.
  3. Make a conscious effort to focus on Solutions. Although we have a tendency to focus on the negative, you can practice focussing on solutions. This will create new Neural Pathways and provide you with the added benefit of attracting more of what you focus on.
  4. Look for the opportunities. If you are able to take the emotion and judgement out of what is, you can then ask, what now? This will open you up to your source of inspiration.
  5. Become a Creator! Regardless of the chaos surrounding you, you have the power to create a life you love from within.
  6. Use your imagination. Everything that was ever created originated in the imagination! There is no better way to manifest anything you desire than a consistent use of your imagination.
  7. Say NO to Drama! You can choose peaceful non participation…This means refraining from engaging in drama.

I hope that empowers you today, ease and grace are a state of mind, a state of being.




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Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.