Why I have to do What I Love

Tula Tzoras
5 min readAug 20, 2021

I came from a conservative background. I studied at Monash University, attaining a BA in English Literature, Politics and Economic History. What I really wanted however, was to become an Actor! I was one of those kids who nagged their parents to take me to dance and piano lessons.

Although I managed to Graduate, I started to pursue my dream, something I continued to do throughout life. I had no idea about how to enter the entertainment industry. This was the 80s! I couldn’t just search online. When I was at Uni, a talent agent noticed me and that is how it all started.

I remember trying to audition for the big production houses and the lengths I went to. To get into Grundy’s, I pretended to be a courier, as I delivered my own Biography, photographs and letter. I didn’t get to see the casting director at the time, but it did win me a meeting. I thought she would either love me or hate me and hate me she did, I was mortified as she tore me down. I later won two guest appearances on the Show she Cast for.

Needless to say Acting, is really character building. It eventually motivated me to Publish my book, The Truth About Acting. I became an Actor, Presenter, Film maker, Author, Speaker.

I can’t say that my motivation to follow my own Inspiration was taught to me. Quite the opposite. When I got into acting, my parents thought I was going through a phase!

I led a creative and spiritual life. Work has always been my purpose and passion. Passionate also about empowering people, I led a global humanitarian project, dedicated to the UNMP and eventually ran for the Seat of Sydney Federal Election in 2016.

I had an extraordinary journey, leading me to spend a lifetime and fortune on personal and spiritual growth. I became a Mentor and Coach.

Inspiration has always driven me, I didn’t have a choice! That was confirmed to me, every time I chose to “get a job” just to pay bills. I literally became sick!

I was lucky! There is no greater Gift than doing what you love and loving what you do! Work makes me happy, because it doesn’t feel like work!

I launched my first company at the age of 52. I had never run a business before. When I was inspired to start this company, it was to empower women. I was guided to do it. My first thought was, why women alone?

When I researched our statistics, I realised why! In Australia alone, half our middle aged women don’t have retirement funds, 1 in 3 of us is abused in intimate relationship and more than half of us are obese, many with health issues. My own extraordinary journey had me relate immediately and set me on this path.

Starting a Company has been a huge learning curve! I realised that becoming an Entrepreneur, is very much like being an Actor, in and out of contracts. It is just as creative and challenging! Being my purpose, I became consumed, it has been all I think about, every breath I take.

To learn about business, I enrolled in courses, employed coaches, started Networking, going to Seminars and Events. I was so excited to learn about it all. I became a sponge. I started connecting with women’s organisations and creating partnerships.

I was All In

To begin with, I invested everything I could, without having a Plan B, because there is no doubt women are in vital need. Full, all or nothing commitment has been my way, though in retrospect, I did leave myself wide open! More conservative people choose to keep their jobs, until their business takes off. I had to learn “Revenue First” the hard way.

I proceeded to set up the Company structure, launched my website, which saw a couple of reincarnations. I started marketing on Social Media. In the beginning, I started off with live events and coaching. I had my Formula set and began with a 9 month Program, on the basis that it takes time and daily practice to change life long patterns.

I produced several events. One of my main challenges was deciding on price points for tickets. Another was finding a day and time that allowed women to attend. Both of these issues prompted further learning. Then there was the uncertainty of numbers, venue availability and suitability.

It took a year of stress and anxiety about running successful events, which I did, before learning that most people do not commit to 9 months. After spending my budget, I was back to the drawing board. Further, my health was affected and my life balance went out the window. Luckily, it didn’t stop me, because it is my passion. I did have to Reset however.

I asked for guidance. I was very lucky to have the foresight to go online prior to Covid! Firstly, I condensed the 9 month program into 9 weeks. Then, I began to film and produce my online course. Here, I had to source a camera and other equipment. As I was on a low budget, I did it all myself. I filmed, recorded, edited and created the Areti Goddess Online Program Solo. This has now become my Legacy! I put all my knowledge and experience into creating a program to empower women personally and professionally to Do What They Love too! The outcomes for women, as demonstrated in their testimonials have been so Rewarding!

Then It was research on Online Course platforms. I originally had a Shopify website with my Courses on Thinkific. Until I discovered Clickfunnels and integrated it all on one Platform, the best Sales person you can have Online. I completed the most exciting and empowering Challenge to get my First Funnel started, the One Funnel Away Challenge, I totally recommend it.

Then it was about learning Funnel strategy and outsourcing, Fiverr was awesome for that. I learnt how to do my own Graphic design, something I really love doing with Canva. I love Canva, I am on it designing all the time! Because videos are all the rage, I also discovered MoShow, love that too! I also discovered a way to re-share posts on Instagram, a great practice for Collaboration and building relationships, with this App called Repost.

I had no idea about Tech! I chose to become tech friendly and I am so happy now, I call myself a Nerd!

Now, online business is booming and I am positioned perfectly to empower women personally and professionally, to do what they love, start their business, especially online.

The most exciting part is living my purpose and passion, working in my own time, at my own pace and in my own comfort and that is what I wish for every woman.

This is our time to Rise Ladies! It is actually necessary for our Cultural Survival. More than ever, we see the benefits of female leadership, as we fear for women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. I am currently empowering 10 women in Harare, Zimbabwe to start online businesses with a crowdfunding project, the Areti Goddess Online Program and Coaching.

Work is Passion for Me! There is nothing more Rewarding, I recommend it.

If you would like to know more, here is a link to our Website: https://bit.ly/2JbwI1N



Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.