What’s so good about taking Responsibility?

We often complain about how many responsibilities we have in life. Responsibility and obligation have all sorts of negative connotations. On a personal level, it’s a different ball game again.

Taking personal responsibility is akin to being the captain of your ship. It means you are responsible on every level, for yourself. This requires some accountability and self reflection. Quite often, we fall into blaming others without checking our own behaviour. The beauty of being the captain of your own ship, is that you are able to own your stuff, among other things. When you own your stuff, you gain a lot of clarity about the situation as a whole. You are able to process things more objectively.

As the captain of your ship, the dawn of every New Year, is a great time to make plans, to build a strategy for the year going forward. Rather than allowing one year after another to pass by, watching things happen as they will, this is one way of taking responsibility to create your deepest desires for life, love and success.

Whilst the state of our world continues to change, it doesn’t have to affect our own personal journey. On that subject, I recommend my new book, Journey to Ease & Grace and you will read a sample below, on the subject of responsibility.

From Journey to Ease & Grace

The Victim

Akin to emotional intelligence, we have something called emotional sobriety! When life is a rollercoaster, we are addicted to drama, experiencing struggle, we can fall into playing the victim. Of course, anyone who is alive, experiences trauma and at that time we are the victim. When however, we lack self-awareness, we tend to fail to see that we are responsible, when we are.

We are out in the world, getting angry at people, blaming people, naming people, shaming people. When something goes wrong, we can blame the police, the government, the institution, corporations, the world! Sometimes we even recognise others not taking responsibility, never looking at ourselves, in projection. Have you ever met people constantly engaged in litigation?

So, what then, is the difference between the victim and emotional sobriety? It is important to know that when we name, shame or blame, we immediately fall into victim mode. This also happens when we state someone else’s reality, you get the idea. “You’re this, you’re that, you do this, you do that, this person is doing this or that to me, they should be ashamed of themselves, it’s all their fault” etc

Emotional sobriety is just the opposite. It goes a long way toward Ease and Grace. Especially when we choose to be victors not victims! When we are emotionally sober, we know how to stay on our side of the fence. We refrain from naming, shaming and blaming. We are aware, accountable and responsible for our actions. We realise that we are responsible for the creation of our reality and our personal experience.

You deserve to regain your power. Every time we blame someone or something, we give immense power to them. That power does not belong to them and it is only when we reclaim our power, we can step out, not only from the victim, but the scapegoat, the black sheep, the gas lighted, the abused, the miss judged, the abandoned, the neglected. Can you see how incredibly healing and empowering this would be for you? It really pays to stay on your side of the fence in life.

You can either be the victim of your own life, or the victor. — Author: Catie Hartsfield

That is why taking responsibility is so good! It allows us to step out of the pain we suffer, to stop placing ourselves at the mercy of others. Then, we are able to integrate as fully realised human beings.

Here’s a great quote by Shawn Jackson

“Gain the Power to Change…Accepting responsibility will give you the power to make positive changes with your life. You can identify things that you want or need to do and place them on your list. Identifying needed better behavior items and placing them on your list will help you accomplish specific changes that you want to make in your life.”

I hope that empowers you today, wishing you amazing success!





Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.

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Tula Tzoras, Areti Goddess Events

Tula Tzoras, Areti Goddess Events

Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.

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