What does “All of Who You Are” Mean Anyway?

You hear it a lot right? ever think, what does it mean anyway? “All of who you are” entails the light and shadow we all encompass within. It also includes all of our parts. We are made of so many parts, it is a veritable team! think of hundreds of your clones… It reminds me of that TV show, I forget its name.

There is a reason I called Areti Goddess Events by that name…

Areti was a Goddess in Ancient Greek Mythology. She personified qualities such as virtue, excellence, justice and highest potential. It is also my baptised name. A Goddess personifies true Authenticity and a Celebration of all of who she is AND isn’t.

Embracing the Light and Shadow Within

Did you grow up as a “good girl”? Were you loved on the condition you excelled, stayed quiet, were well behaved, with the belief that you should grow up to be a “good person”? You are not alone!

The problem with this type of upbringing is that we learn, very early on, to deny our shadow selves. Our effort to be good people abhors our negative aspects. Then we continue to justify our belief that there are good and bad people, when we see criminals at work or evil acts ever present in our world.

No wonder we are Out of Balance!

The fact is, that we are made up of light and shadow, yin and yang, and whilst some of us sway toward doing good, others sway toward doing evil. There are reasons for this, we won’t explore today. The fact is, that by denying our shadow selves, we stop being “All of Who We Are”. It is also unrealistic. Consider the law of opposites, if evil did not exist, how would we recognise good?

Embracing our Light alone doesn’t just stop us from being Authentic. It stops us from being fully realised as human beings!

So, if you only think of yourself as a good person, take some time to let your little devil come out to play! Begin to practice loving your shadow side. The more balance you bring between your light and shadow, the more realised you will become! There is no doubt that good people do bad things and vice versa. The sooner we accept this the better adjusted we become.

Work with Your Team of Parts

When we talk about all of our parts, you can imagine hundreds of your clones, say gathered together in a park…These are all the many parts we play every single day. The wife, girlfriend, mother, protector, housewife, career woman, leader, artist, the part that cleans the house, the part that exercises, the part that travels and the list goes on. Parts also include our emotional selves. Different parts for different feelings. They can also include parts that were established to protect us at an early age, we no longer need.

As you work with your “team” you can choose to let parts that no longer serve you go. If you are interested in doing parts work, I recommend Teal Swan. She publishes videos on the subject on You Tube and Social Media.

When You Are All of Who You Are

You can express yourself with Abandon

You can assert your Truth

You can stand up for Yourself

You can be Authentic

You can stop having to defend Yourself

You can stop looking for validation from others

You can Respect Yourself

You can Trust Yourself

You can Give Yourself Permission

You can Be All Of Who You Are, a Goddess

If you’d love that check out my Legacy Online Course for Personal and Professional Success www.aretigoddessevents.com

You are also welcome to Book a Free Empower Session

Wishing You amazing Success!



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Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.