This Anti Procrastination Cafe confirms the Benefit of Accountability

The Japanese Cafe that inspired this Story

There is a Manuscript writing cafe in Japan, not unlike internet cafes in a way. The difference is, accountability! Patrons write their goals and deadlines down as they enter and are not allowed to pay until their work is done. Staff then check their progress every hour and even stand behind them to ensure they are working, in some cases. Patrons and the cafe alike, report a very high success rate for completion!

Here is a CNA Story on it

The Pandemic has effectively seen those in the corporate arena working remotely. For writers and other creatives however, supervision and accountability are self-determined. As motivation begins to fade, procrastination often seeps in. In the absence of accountability, projects are often left unfinished, or finished much later.

If Procrastination and motivation are issues for you, I would like to refer you to this Article, with Tips you can practice immediately

The Point is however… Don’t do it alone, don’t choose the hard way

Here, I thought sharing a chapter from my new book Journey to Ease & Grace would be a good idea…

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out in you.” — Bob Proctor

There are mentors like our parents or guardians and mentors we choose. My mentors taught me that nothing is impossible, that I can do anything I am inspired to. I learnt to keep learning and growing, to follow my heart and the meaning of true love. Nothing impacts your wealth and success as much as unconditional love does.

I have had mentors throughout my life, both personal and professional. I am constantly finding people who are more knowledgeable, experienced than I am and asking them to guide me. I have had a mentor with me every step on my journey. I will be forever grateful to those who have aided me.

Are you coachable?

“Do you truly want to learn this? Are you coachable?”

I have heard this so many times, in fact every time I allowed my ego to get in the way, thinking I know better… or I chose confusion, or fear at the thought of doing something beyond my comfort zone.

Luckily, I had coaches who were able to pull me out of it. One of my coaches once said something that I have also heard as a coach: “most people ask but never listen.”

To be coachable, you must make that choice

To be coachable you are accepting that you don’t know it all, that you don’t know what you don’t know. You are placing your faith in someone else. When you enter into a coaching agreement, you agree to do whatever they tell you to do, within reason of course!

Bob Proctor once said something I find to be so true! He said, “So many want to be taught, but they want to tell you how to teach them.” Most people love the idea of having a mentor or coach. When however, they find themselves out their comfort zone, which is bound to happen to affect any real change, they find all sorts of excuses. There is nothing worse for a mentor than to ignore their teachings, argue about their experience or worse.

Before you look for a mentor/coach, I recommend you ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you think you can put your ego aside and truly listen?

2. Are you willing to try new things even if it’s the opposite of what you have done before?

3. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone?

4. Are you willing to be accountable and do the work as a matter of urgency for your best outcome?

Being in a place where you can truly be open to a mentor is very important. We are not in it for the money. Your success is our success. That is why you must be serious about the changes you want to make to achieve Ease, Grace, Success!

Be prepared to be stretched and pulled out of your comfort zone, which is the whole point!

I really wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t had mentors every step of the way!

They have taught me:

- How to become a Reiki Master

- To be a Professional Actor

- How to Speak Publicly

- How to make films

- How to pitch to Television production companies

- How to run for the Seat of Sydney Federal Election

- How to run a global humanitarian project

- How to produce online courses

- How to build Funnels

- How to build websites

- How to become a Coach

- Business coaching

- How to release any personal blocks

- How to do Yoga

The list goes on, you see, every stage and every area requires a different mentor or coach. I have always surrounded myself with coaches. Every mentor I have had has had their own place in my life. It is not a lifetime decision. The point I am making is that you need to determine what type of coach you need.

You must ask yourself how coachable you really are

Try these questions:

Are you coachable, are you a difficult person, do you listen to advice from people you shouldn’t be listening to, do you have someone you currently consider to be a mentor? Take a moment to think about it… These questions will help you understand where you stand in this area of life.

Well, it’s been quite the journey and there is work to be done! So onto Next Steps!

Firstly, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for taking this journey with me. For having the faith and trust in my ability to empower you to ease, grace and your best life. After all, freeing that amazing person that is you, could be a pivotal turning point in your life. Your dreams, goals, the ability to influence the world with your unique gift, all start with the work we do here.

I have taken these steps, that is the reason I am sharing this formula with you. Succeeding for me, has been because I decided to work outside what I call “the matrix we live in.” I have always followed my inspiration and personal truth. You can have the same Freedom and Success if you want it.

I am here for you!

It won’t be easy. You are creating brand new Neural Pathways and beginning a new life. As you grow, your challenges will change as well. Growth challenges are a gift. They let you know you are on the right path.

Nothing worth having can be done alone, if something doesn’t work for you, all is not lost.

Remember, you are a work of art in progress, learning, growing, always

For More…Journey to Ease and Grace



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