Selling-The Biggest Secret

Tula Tzoras
3 min readSep 22, 2023

Do you Cringe when it comes to Selling?

You are not alone! When it comes to selling, common reactions include the impostor syndrome, tall poppy syndrome, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being pushy, of not being liked, anxiety, the list goes on. This is a problem when you are running your business.

Selling is an integral part of business. If we can’t talk about what we are doing, promote what we are doing, speak about our business, how will anyone know what we have to offer? yet even the most intrepid business owners can feel fearful or anxious about selling. How then, do we go from dread to love when it comes to selling?

1. Address Your Source of Fear

Once you have established what it is that actually stops you, there are practical ways to overcome your fear. It may be that you improve your product or service (examining customer feedback), or that you don’t take “no” personally, when it comes to rejection. Then you can bounce back and keep going!

2. Find Inspiration and Enthusiasm

There are ways to bring inspiration to any job you hate. When you think about your offering, rediscover your enthusiasm for it. Think about the benefits it offers to your customers and revisit testimonials and…



Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.