Remember Fun? How to have Fun again!

Fun? Who has time for fun? I hear you say

Seriously though, do you remember the last time you really had good, old fashioned fun? Think about it.

When we’re kids, we have fun all the time. We relish in the wonder of new discovery. We are creative, inspired, unhindered. That is before life and adults teach us otherwise. Then, we are conditioned for responsibility, obligation and societal demands. Before we know it, we are trapped in the rat race. It is no wonder we find ourselves resigned. We lose our mojo! You can see it whenever you travel on public transport for instance. Just look into people’s eyes, you will see signs of resignation. I call it the Matrix we live in.

Isn’t it worthwhile then, to reconnect with fun? to make conscious efforts to treat and spoil ourselves? Again, I hear you say, “who has time for fun?”

How to have Fun, whatever you are doing!

  1. Identify what you personally consider to be fun. It is different for different people, so try to remember when you had fun, what were you doing?
  2. Try it again, is it still fun? Great, if not, it could be that you prefer something else.
  3. Reconnect with your Inner Child! Not only is this a very healing thing to do, it can literally change your life blueprint, but it will immediately change your setting to Fun!
  4. Once you connect with your inner child, anything you “have to do” can turn into fun. If you can find the sense of wonder and discovery to what you have to do every single day, you will enjoy life a whole lot more!

Doing what you Love is always fun, it never seems like work… If you’d like that, check this out. Online Program for the whole package to give you personal and professional success.



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Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras


Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.