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Tula Tzoras
2 min readAug 31, 2023

I had to Share this great Book Review today, thanks Rachel Jackson!

Review: “Journey to Ease & Grace” by Tula Tzoras is a self-help book aimed at guiding readers to let go of struggle and embrace ease and grace in their lives. The book takes readers on a step-by-step journey to release drama, limiting beliefs, anxiety, resistance, and other obstacles that prevent living a peaceful, purposeful life.

Tzoras draws from her extensive personal experience with struggle and shares the tools and mindset shifts that enabled her to transcend difficulty. She provides actionable exercises and insights on topics including proper breathing techniques, non-judgment, self-love, goal setting, and aligning to one’s highest purpose.

A key theme throughout is the importance of awareness, accountability, and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Tzoras stresses the power of focus and intention in manifesting the reality we desire. Daily practices such as mirror work, meditation, visualization, and affirmations are presented as ways to reprogram the subconscious mind and create new neural pathways.

While the book covers substantial ground, it maintains an accessible and conversational tone. Tzoras speaks to the reader as a mentor and guide, infusing the book with empathy, wisdom and encouragement. She adeptly balances practical advice with inspirational messaging.

Overall, “Journey to Ease & Grace” delivers a thoughtful roadmap for readers seeking to break free of struggle, raise their vibration, and life a graceful, easeful life of their own design. Tzoras’ expertise as a life coach shines through as she compellingly outlines the personal transformations required to stop repeating patterns and start consciously creating. This book will resonate with those ready to take accountability and manifest their highest vision.

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