Is it Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow?

Tula Tzoras
4 min readAug 28, 2023

Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow? That is the question, not unlike “To be or not to be?”

Some of us look back to the good times, or get stuck on a past trauma. Some of us think of our happiness in the future, if our wishes are fulfilled. There are very few who focus on the present and create happiness in the Now.

It all comes down to focus

The thing about focus is, that anything we focus on grows. What I often find with clients is that there is a tendency to focus on problems, rather than solutions, for example. Just like our addiction to the negative, to drama, bad news, most people are quick to reel off everything they hate. We complain about things, or share what is wrong in our lives. None of this is our fault, rather the fruit of our conditioning and Society in general.

When we are asked what we would love, what we truly desire, most of us will stay on the track with everything we don’t want and hate. Most of us draw a blank when we are asked what we would love. You can try this with friends. I have experienced this on a bigger scale as well. When I ran a Global humanitarian project dedicated to the UNMP, part of the idea was a globally simulcast TV program. I was most fortunate to receive the mentorship of a Production company. We tried several concepts, always arriving at the same response: “No one would watch the good news” or “it is not commercial enough”.

In 2016, I was roped into running for the Seat of Sydney Federal Election. It was an independent party, called Online Direct Democracy. The idea was to take Politics online, publish every bill and represent people’s majority. I did it because I believed it represented true Democracy and it would empower people. We did relatively well in the Elections. The loudest message we received however, was the kind of blank response you see on people’s faces when they don’t register something. When we don’t know something, it just isn’t in our DNA. How can we possibly recognise it?

Focus on the Past

When we focus on the past, we literally bring it into the present, creating our future. When we always lament over the good times, we feel a sense of dissatisfaction with our current circumstances. Wishing things were as good as they used to…



Tula Tzoras

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