Feel like a Fraud, an Imposter?

Tula Tzoras
3 min readNov 1, 2023

Have you ever won a great position, surrounded by amazing peers and wondered what you were doing there? Perhaps you have manifested great wealth, a great Acting role, or Gig? Perhaps you have been awarded for your excellence. Ever had the feeling that you don’t deserve the success you have? You’re not alone and there’s a name for it: Imposter Syndrome.

The world around you may be singing your praises and you can still feel like a Fraud, despite external evidence to the contrary. This is a feeling we obviously don’t need to have and it comes down to Self-Worth, surprise surprise. That is why, we, at Areti Goddess Events have weekly themes that include Acknowledging and Celebrating your Wins (Areti Goddess Events Facebook Group). So let’s unpack this and abolish it shall we?


Imposter syndrome is defined as feelings of inadequacy that persist.

You may feel like you are being “too ambitious”. If this relates to you, there’s one major way to beat it:

Here, I recommend this TED Talk , it’s awesome.


Imposter syndrome is a feeling that you don’t deserve the success you’ve achieved, the success you worked for. You often feel like you’re going to be “found out” and shown to…



Tula Tzoras

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