Eye on the Prize: The Art of Unwavering Focus and Goal Achievement

Tula Tzoras
3 min readFeb 5, 2024

I would like to introduce the concept of having a singular focus on your goals. Have you ever wanted something so much, that it is all you could think about, talk about, and see all around you? Perhaps it was your dream car, or look, or piece of jewellery? A lifestyle, family, career, the list goes on. When I was fully focussed on my career as an Actor, for example, I would see TV all around me, even on car number plates. It is amazing how often something you focus on appears before you. It is then, that you have a single minded focus, without putting any effort into it.

That is the beauty of living your purpose and passion. Your deepest desired goal, will eliminate any question of WHY. Because it is your purpose, the gift you were brought into the world to share with others, it can be your only focus. That, of course does not mean that you neglect other aspects of your life. Just as we have an individual finger print, single- minded focus on your purpose and passion, will transform anything life throws at you along the way from “in the way” to “on the way”.

Here I would like to highlight the importance of making a conscious decision to stay committed despite life’s challenges. Sometimes obstacles can be so big, that we can deviate from our path. The power of Decision is immense. For more on decisions, I recommend you read Why Make Solid Decisions.

The emphasis today, is the role of visualisation, affirmation, and daily practices in achieving goals.

The Power of Clear Goals

We cannot underestimate the significance of setting clear and specific goals. On a fundamental level, singular focus means our energy is concentrated on one Goal. There is nothing more distracting than splitting our focus among varying desires. Having a well-defined target helps in maintaining focus and motivation.

Examples of successful individuals who attribute their achievements to setting clear goals, include titans like Bill Gates to Olympians like Michael Phelps, and incredible Oprah Winfrey…

Making a Solid Commitment



Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.