Being different doesn’t mean you are Less Than!

Tula Tzoras
2 min readOct 29, 2020

Were you the outsider, outcast, the one who didn’t fit the mould? Guess what? You are so Lucky! Our school years can be so difficult when we just don’t fit in and we feel that way because we are not the majority. We don’t fit into what I call the Matrix.

Our parents urge us to have friends, to join things, even though they do their best, they are not always comfortable having a child they don’t understand. I know, from experience, many parents steer their kids in directions they believe are best.

Few people will tell us that we are special, in a good way! That we have a natural gift for something and that we don’t have to fit in! Just recently, I watched The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Here was our heroine, on a unique mission many others didn’t share. I can relate to her!

The fact is, each one of us has a unique Talent to Share with the World. Those of us who have experienced being the outsider, often feel left out and separate. Moving from school to school between 2 countries, I learnt to fit in. To be the chameleon. I guess that is what eventually got me into acting.

I know it’s not easy, so I’m here to encourage you to BE ALL OF YOU!

Different is SPECIAL, something to celebrate!

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As always, wishing you Amazing Success,

Tula Tzoras



Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras is a Mentor/Coach, Author, Speaker, Actor. Founder of Areti Goddess Events, empowering women to bridge the gender gap.