A True Goddess, Tribute to Dame Olivia Newton-John

Tula Tzoras
4 min readAug 9, 2022

It is indeed a sad day, losing an amazing gift to the world at such a young age. May you Rest in Peace Olivia. Gone, but never forgotten.

I recall the excitement, the elation of watching Grease, starring Olivia Newton-John, and singing the songs years later.

A Multiple Grammy award winner, Dame Olivia Newton-John, British-born Australian singer and star of the hit musical Grease, died at the age of 73, after a successful career and so much charity work. Olivia became a symbol of hope, sharing her journey with Breast Cancer. So many of us followed her journey and felt inspired by her tenacity.

Olivia was a big advocate for plant medicine, something she pioneered sharing healing inspiration with the world. On that note, her family has requested donations to be made in her memory to @onjfoundation

Her pioneering experience with plant medicine will continue, through the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, with a mission to research plant medicine and cancer.

Her most known records include ‘I Honestly Love You” and “Physical”. The soundtrack from Grease spent 12 weeks at number 1, as Olivia became the second woman to have two singles in the Top 5 simultaneously.

Olivia depicts the Essence of True Goddess

Like so many of us, I feel so fortunate to have had a glimpse of Olivia’s extraordinary journey in public life. A True Goddess is unapologetic about all of who she is. Olivia didn’t just share her success with us. We enjoyed her immensely. What was really interesting was her generosity in sharing her personal battles.

Olivia was transparent, genuine and incredibly powerful. She was in her power. Her response to cancer was discovering plant based medicine, for example. A philanthropist, her charity work extends over decades. All of these elements have allowed us to feel close to her and to love her more.

The fact is, that we are never truly realised until we love our shadow and light equally. That is the work we do with Areti Goddess Events.

On that note, I do have to say this:

What I hate about the “coaching” industry

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